The Centellino glass of wine decanter is a unique device that aerates your wine one single glass at a time. Designed in Italy, the Centellino dates back to ancient times where it took the form of a ladle and was used to pour a suitable serving of wine to travelers, much to their delight.

Our wine breather now comes in the form of a glass blown aerator, which fits over the wine bottle and aerates one single glass at a time in just a few easy steps.

Many aerators are designed so that you aerate the entire bottle of wine at once. This is not always convenient if you decide to just have a glass or two and put the rest away. Once the wine is aerated it can lose its taste and spoil if it is not consumed straight away. The Centellino decanter allows you to aerate glass by glass, so no wine is ever wasted and it is always consumed in its best form.

For this reason, the Centellino aerator is ideal when:

  • You are a light drinker
  • You wish to have just one glass of wine with dinner
  • You and your partner are having a single glass of wine before going out
  • You are driving and wish to limit the alcohol you consume

With the Centellino Aerator, you can preserve the bottle of wine and keep it perfect until the next glass. There’s no wasting bottles of wine because you only require a glass or two – you can use the remainder of the bottle over the coming weeks and the wine will not spoil.

Store the remainder of the bottle as you normally would – in the fridge if white, and at room temperature if it is a red wine.

This wine breather allows you to remove the toxins of wine and drink it at its healthiest even if you only drink a little at a time!

When choosing a red wine aerator Melbourne residents as well as other residents of Australia choose the Centellino glass wine decanter. Contact us for more information, or order yours today!