How Does The
Centellino Work


  • Uncork the bottle of wine.
  • Carefully hold the Centellino by the wood of the larger stopper.
  • Insert fully into the bottle by pressing on the wood stopper, not on the glass.
  • Once inserted, hold only the bottle for the rest of the steps.


  • Uncork the tube of Centellino.
  • Hold the bottle so that the Centellino is vertical with the reservoir underneath.
  • Fill the reservoir completely until the wine stops at the glass junction, for a perfect 150 ml measured serving.


  • Rotate the bottle more than 90┬░ to pour the wine.
  • The Centellino┬áshould be higher than the bottle.


Leave the Centellino in the bottle. It will help preserve the wine and be ready for your next pour.

Removal of Centellino from the bottle:

  • Holding only the wood of the larger stopper, carefully pull out of the bottle.
  • Never remove by holding the glass.
  • Wash by hand and store for next use