Centellino Demonstration
Manufacturing Process

Step 1

  • Uncork the bottle of wine.
  • Carefully hold the Centellino by the wood of the larger stopper.
  • Insert fully into the bottle by pressing on the wood stopper, not on the glass.
  • Once inserted, hold only the bottle for the rest of the steps.

Step 2

  • Uncork the tube of the Centellino
  • Rotate the bottle 90 degrees
  • Allow the wine to flow into the reservoir
  • The wine will stop at the junction point for the full 150ml serve

Step 3

  • Rotate the bottle 180 degrees pouring the wine into the glass
  • Keeping the bottle lower than the Centellino

Step 4


Leave the Centellino in the bottle and replace the cork. It will help preserve the wine and be ready for your next pour.


To remove of Centellino from the bottle:

  • Holding only the wood of the larger stopper, carefully pull out of the bottle.
  • Never remove by holding the glass.
  • Wash by hand and store for next use
The Centellino Range