When we aerate our wine we immediately reap the benefits in taste and aroma. Although more popular with reds, any wine at all will benefit from aeration. The price, age, and quality of the wine does not matter when it comes to the aeration process.

The aeration procedure that occurs when using a glass of wine decanter enables two chemical processes to occur.

Oxidation – This occurs when the wine is exposed to oxygen and is affected by the exposure.

Evaporation – This is the process of a liquid transforming into a vapor and then disappearing into the air.

Oxidation and evaporation are essential processes to aerating wine.

Using a wine decanter to aerate your wine can enhance and augment its smell. The aerating process eliminates compounds which have been added to the wine when it was produced and can create a bad aroma or flavour. Some of these compounds include ethanol (a powerful alcohol that is produced when making wine) and added preservatives. Removing these components will not only make the wine smell better it will taste much better too. Aerating not only works on superior and expensive wines, it works on cheaper wines as well.

Aerating takes out the not so good ingredients of wine, leaving the nicer ingredients intact and enhancing them, giving them extra flavor and an improved smell. The aerating process is ideal for heavy reds, lighter reds such as Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, and Lambrusco. White wines also benefit from the aeration process.

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