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Handmade in Italy. The Centellino is Italy’s premier by the glass, wine decanter patented and lab certified. The Centellino is a 100% original mouth-blown Italian glass, top-of-the-bottle wine decanter and aerator.

Say cheers with Centellino.
From orders as small as 12, the Centellino makes the perfect gift for your valued employees and clients. Perfect as a brand promoter or even if you’re just trying to add something special to your next event.
The four-step process to the perfect glass. Wine or whiskey, Centellino graces your table by aerating and pouring the perfect portion of wine.

Centellino - Wine just got better.
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Our customers love us...

Rosalind Crosbie
This works !! You can really taste the difference with your red wine before and after using the Centellino. Comes in a lovely box, and was delivered really quickly.
Denise Rees
I love cooking and was looking for a nice and easy way to display and use olive oil on a platter. This small Centellino is perfect for drizzling oil and gets a lot of compliments.
Gary Baker- GB design
This is a great product perfect for our corporate gifts for special clients. Our clients loved them and they were all delivered very promptly. Great service and unique product!
Gwen Hyatt
The Centellinos with our “Rising Star Wines” branded logo, continue to be positively received and intrigue customers as to their beauty, uniqueness and most of all the ability to decant the wine silently! Unlike the Venturi!



The Centellino StoryFROM ITALY WITH LOVE

The history of the Centellino, also known as centello or ciantello dates back to ancient times. The Latin name was ” cyatulus”, diminutive of ” cyatus”, taken from the Greek “kyathos” derived from the verb ” kyo” which means “to pour”.

After time, the Centellino took the form of a ladle and was used in medieval refreshment houses to pour a proper serving of wine, much to the traveller’s delight.

With the coming of glass and the storing of wine in flasks and bottles, skilled artisans designed a Centellino using mouth-blown techniques. Today, the Centellino graces tables by pouring and oxidizing the perfect portion of wine, making drinking your wine a more pleasurable experience.


Enhances the aroma and experience of drinking wine with the Centellino, your personal wine decanter. Not only designed to enrich the bouquet and flavour of a single glass of wine, the Centellino can also be used for your spirits and olive oil.
Centellino 150 ml in Gift Box (C150/A)
$99.00 $89.00
Centellino 150 ml in Gift Box (C150/A)
Made for Australian standards, Italy’s premier, by the glass wine Decanter is patented and lab certified. The Centellino is an original 100% mouth-blown Italian glass, top-of-the-bottle wine decanter (aerator).
Centellino 125 ml in Gift Box + Space for Bottle (BBR 125/A)
$109.00 $99.00
Centellino 125 ml in Gift Box + Space for Bottle (BBR 125/A)
This beautiful presentation box is designed to appeal to the wine enthusiast, making it ideal for family, friends and corporate gifts.

Bottle NOT Included – illustration purposes only
Centellino 35ml in gift box (C35/A)
$89.00 $79.00
Centellino 35ml in gift box (C35/A)
Ideal for use in wine tastings and sampling. Aerates and enhances the wine being tasted, and measures the serve – no wastage.
Centellino Olive Oil 35ml in Gift Box (C025/A)
$89.00 $79.00
Centellino Olive Oil 35ml in Gift Box (C025/A)
Ideal for using in olive oil bottles for drizzling oil. Perfectly compliments your platter.
Centellino Spirits 35ml in Gift Box (C35/A)
$89.00 $79.00
Centellino Spirits 35ml in Gift Box (C35/A)
Perfect for taking that sharp edge off your whiskey and spirits! The Centellino helps your spirits
“breathe”. The decanter replicates the effects of swirling the glass. Now your spirits will taste smoother than ever before.

Please Note: Because of the many different bottle neck sizes in spirits, we will supply 2 X cork sizes. There is no guarantee these will fit every bottle neck.

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