Fathers and Grandfathers can be very difficult to purchase Father’s Day gifts for. Men often already possess the small items they need, and are not all that interested in clothing, shopping or knick knacks compared to women. Men are not always forthcoming with gift suggestions for Father’s Day either!

Mothers and women, on the other hand, generally tend to shop more often and can often drop hints! Mother’s generally are a whole lot easier to buy gifts for than Fathers.

Many men absolutely love a nice glass of red. The Centellino wine decanter is the finest wine aerator Australia stocks. This is the perfect Father’s Day gift as it is unique, beautifully made, and allows your husband, father or grandfather to get the best out of any red wine that he drinks. The single glass of wine decanter is designed to allow him to have just a glass or two of his favourite wine, and preserve the rest of the bottle rather than discarding it.

The Centellino glass wine decanter is easy to use, is unique and impressive looking, and will enrich the aroma and flavor of a single glass of wine. The man in your life is sure to be impressed. Our wine aerator is hand made in Italy. Made from 100% hand blown glass, the Centellino wine breather is patented and lab certified. It is also unique in the fact that it allows you to keep check of the amount of wine that you drink.

The Centellino 125ml comes in a beautiful blue and silver gift box. It is suitable for both red and white wines.

We also have available a Centellino 125ml in a gift box, with space for your dad or grandfather’s favorite bottle of wine (wine not included).

We deliver the white and red wine aerator Australia wide and overseas. Order your perfect Father’s Day gift online today!