There is much debate over whether or not you should always aerate your wine with a wine breather.

Throughout history, wine decanters have been used to serve and aerate wine. The decanter mimics the effects of swirling wine in the wine glass to produce an oxidation effect.

Decantering your wine also takes away toxins and preservatives, leaving it palatable, full of taste and with a richer more aromatic smell. Due to the elimination of toxins, aerating your wine can even prevent a hangover the next day.

While all wines can be aerated, there are some that benefit more from the decantering process than others. Below is a list of the ideal wines to decanter with a wine decanter and those that are less affected by the decantering process.

Ideal to Decanter

  • Very young wines
  • Italian wines
  • Malbecs
  • Syrah
  • Other strong reds

These wines are always vastly improved by decantering and it is recommended that you always use a quality wine decanter to aerate them.
Wine with sediment, or corked wine, is also ideal to decanter as the aeration process removes the sediment from the wine.

Decantering Not Always Required

Some wine that is over 15 years old is not always ideal to decanter as too much air can occasionally over oxidise it. Although this is rare, with these wines it is best to aerate a small amount of the wine as a sample first. This can be easily done with the Centellino wine decanter as it allows you to aerate a small amount at a time.

Some white wines do not always require decentering, however, the vast majority are improved by the aeration process.

When using an aerator the wine will improve in the majority of cases. The Centellino glass wine decanter is designed to aerate a small amount of wine at a time, so, if in doubt, do a taste test before aerating a full glass of wine.

It is clearly evident that using a decanter for your wine can be highly beneficial. To get the best out of your bottle of wine, be sure to order a Centellino wine decanter today. We deliver Australia wide and we provide prompt delivery to all areas including Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and overseas.