Decanting wine serves two main purposes. Firstly, it separates the wine from any sediment that may have occurred during the ageing process. This happens naturally as wine ages and older wines typically have more sediment. The colour pigments and tanning bond together and fall out of solution, so stirring up the sediment when pouring will make a wine appear cloudy and can impart bitter flavours and a gritty texture. It’s not harmful, but definitely makes the wine less enjoyable.

The second purpose a decanter serves is to bring out the vibrant flavours and aromas of the wine by process of aeration. This is commonly referred to as ‘letting the bottle breath’. Most of us do this by swirling the wine around in the glass to incorporate more oxygen into the wine, however, over the years the aeration process has turned into more of an art form with the introduction of decanters.

The Centellino Wine Decanter is designed carefully and thoughtfully to serve both these purposes and to ensure every drop of wine is served at its absolute best.

Our Centellino Wine Decanter is made in Tuscany from 100% hand-blown Italian glass and has a sleek, stylish design that looks perfectly elegant sitting on top of your wine bottle. The Centellino is made to replicate the action of ‘swirling’ your glass of wine to stimulate the oxidisation process, releasing the aromas and flavours. This aeration process helps you get the most from every drop, enhancing the notes and bouquet of the wine.

The Centellino is patented and one of a kind. The design also allows you to pour a perfect 125ml glass, making our decanter the number one choice when purchasing a wine aerator.

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