The Italian made Centellino Wine Decanter is made in beautiful Tuscany, Italy, from 100% hand-blown glass. We have thoughtfully designed our red wine aerator so that it’s not only elegant and stylish but also serves the practical purpose of incorporating more air into your wine. This enhances the flavours of the wine and removes sediment, making the wine more smooth and enjoyable on the palate. Perfect for the red wine connoisseur, you can buy one for yourself or give it as a gift to your wine loving friend or family member.

The Centellino can also be used for corporate branding for your company or organisation. You can choose to have your company logo printed on our wine decanters and use them as gifts for clients or place them on tables at business dinners or functions. It’s a classy, professional and fun way to promote your business.

Some of our clients use our Centellino wine decanters as gifts either for their customers or for employees for recognition of outstanding work. They also make a great retirement gifts as well.

The Centellino wine decanter comes in a beautifully presented box, perfect for gift giving! You can choose to have it in a box on its own or in a specially designed box with a space for a wine bottle.

Whoever is lucky enough to receive a Centellino wine decanter as a gift will surely feel special as each decanter is beautifully handmade from Italian glass. This means they are unlike any other decanter you will find, anywhere in the world.

Promote your business by having your company logo on our beautiful decanters and stand out from the crowd.

To find out more about how to use the Centellino wine decanter for your corporate branding, visit this page now!