If you want to give the wine connoisseur in your life a one of a kind gift, look no further than our hand-blown, 100% Italian glass wine decanter. Made in Tuscany, Italy, you won’t find a decanter like the Centellino anywhere else in the world. The Centellino is the perfect gift for wine lovers! It fits on top of your bottle, pouring the perfect glass of wine, every time.

Whether the wine lover in your life collects wine accessories or if they would simply enjoy a practical gift that serves the purpose of improving the texture, taste and quality of their wine; the Centellino will meet all their needs. The Centellino is placed on top of your wine bottle which you then pour at an angle into the decanter. This aerates the wine and creates bubbles which enhance the flavours and bouquet of the wine. Unlike just swirling your glass of wine for aeration, the Centellino also removes sediment from the wine which can be bitter and unpleasant.

It’s compact so your wine loving friend can take it anywhere with them, to parties, dinners and even restaurants. No need to worry about a large bulky decanter, ours can fit in a handbag for ease of use and transportation. As the glass is hand-blown it can be very delicate so it’s important to handle your Centellino with care.

We present our decanters in a beautifully designed gift box. You can choose a box with just the decanter or one that includes a ready-made space for a bottle of wine as well. Your wine loving friend will appreciate the thoughtful, handmade creation they can keep for a lifetime.

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