If you have a passion for a good drop of red wine, when searching for the perfect decanter, look no further than the Centellino Red Wine Aerator.

The Centellino is a revolutionary red wine aerator, unlike any other currently on the market. While many wine aerators require you to pour the wine into a stand-alone aerator before having to then pour the wine from the aerator into your glass, the Centellino fits perfectly on top of your red wine bottle and allows you to pour directly from the bottle. The wine decanter is meant to replicate the effects of swirling your glass to stimulate the oxidisation process which triggers the release of more aromatic compounds.

Made in Italy from 100% hand-blown Italian glass, the design is elegant and stylish which makes it perfect for the red wine connoisseur. Hand made in Tuscany, Italy, it is designed to enrich the bouquet, flavours and aromas of your red wine, one glass at a time.

Our carefully thought out design means that you can place the Centellino on top of your bottle then decant and pour your wine glass by glass. There is no need to waste perfectly good wine by decanting an entire bottle, simply leave the Centellino on top of your wine bottle and seal off the side, keeping your wine perfectly fresh, ready for your next glass.

The Centellino was made with the wine drinker in mind, as the process of decanting each glass turns just ‘drinking a glass of wine’ into an experience. Savour the flavours, enjoy every drop and get the most from your wine with our beautifully, handmade aerator.

If you would like to know more about the Centellino, feel free to contact us through our enquiry form today.